Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Information on Suriname

Through research I guessed my country of service correctly, and in the process I made a friend who lives in Suriname. Her name is Esther Lijkwan and I found her through her website:

She delivered a presentation about Suriname at my college when I was a student at Colorado Technical University Online, and I also purchased her e-book which tells all about Suriname. If you're at all interested in Suriname I recommend her book, it's a good read:

The Undiscovered Country "In the Lungs of the Earth"

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It's crazy what a small world it really is, and it's sweet to know that even from another country you can make friends and establish relationships. I was even offered a ride from the airport upon arrival...sweet Esther!

Just figured I would throw that out there so you can check out her website and maybe read her e-book.



Friday, February 27, 2009

Peace Corps Suriname

So it's official...I am leaving for Suriname on May 15th as a business advisor for the Peace Corps! It's really fascinating how this all worked out. Upon consideration of the Peace Corps I honestly ideally imagined myself working in Guyana (Suriname's neighboring country) in the business field. Since I was young I have always wanted to visit the Amazon, that is where that crazy idea came from.

After some research I realized that you need to speak Spanish in order to serve in a Spanish-speaking country, and as a result I disqualified this region of the world from my hopes and expectations. After the interview with the Peace Corps recruiter I waited anxiously for a week awaiting my nomination which tells you the region, your assignment, and the estimated date of departure - I received the news on my 24th birthday - mine was as follows:

Central / South America - Business Advising - Late May 2009

Upon being offered this nomination, I also had the choice to serve in Eastern Europe instead...of course I chose Central / South America. Definitely the best news you could hear on your birthday! What are the chances? So here I am about a year later, getting all ready to live in the rain forest for a couple of years, speaking Dutch and the local language of Sranan Tongo, living with people extremely different (culturally) than myself...and honestly I cannot wait!

So I will continue to maintain this blog throughout my Peace Corps service for all who are interested in finding out about life in the jungle...peace and much love!